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The epidemic outbrak is widespread all over the world .Here are some information that might be helpful!

Coronavirus symptoms

Early symptoms include:

·    Fever

·    Dry Cough

·    Fatigue

Severe symptoms include:

·    Trouble breathing or shortness of breath

·    Ongoing chest pain or pressure

·    Unconsciousness

·    Can’t wake up

·     Bluish lips or face

These symptoms can show up in as few as 2 days or as many as 14 days. It varies from person to person.

How to keep safe!

·    Wash hands often with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer. This kills viruses on your hands.

·    Practice social distancing. Stay home as much as possible. If have to go out, wear a mask & stay at least 1 meter away from others.

·    Don’t touch face & Nose & Mouth. Coronaviruses can live on surfaces you touch for several hours. If they get on your hands and you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, they can get into your body.

·    Clean and disinfect.  Clean & disinfect surfaces you touch often, like tables, doorknobs, light switches, toilets, faucets, and sinks. Wear gloves while you are doing that.

Above information is collected online, let’s hope this epidemic outbreak will be end soon!