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Company Annual trip to Thailand



With the purpose of appreciating the whole-year hard working of our employees, enriching their amateur cultural life , improving the exchange and communication and increasing the sense of team spirit. Zexi Group organized a company trip from Chengdu China to Puket Thailand for all employees on 10th -16th January this year.

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Coming from a place(Chengdu) in cold winter to a place(Puket) always in hot summer, all of us felt the amazing of the mother nature.

We have been swimming, snorkeling in beautiful blue sea, have visited famous Erawan Shrine ,watched fabulous ladyboy show and tasted local cuisine as well during 6 days stay.



This trip not only providing an opportunity for all of our employees to have a deeply relaxation, but also enhancing the exchange and understanding between departments and colleagues, which creats favorable conditions for improving enterprise culture and building a harmonious team.Zexi Group promises to make persistent efforts and to strive to reach a new height again in 2018!